It all started off back in 2005 when I was in year 10 and took
up Photography as an elective. I got my first hold of an SLR and it was like love
at first sight. I was so fascinated when I developed my first black and white
image in the dark room, it was just like magic!

Photography has made me change the way I see things. It
really makes you notice the beauty around you.

I absolutely love being in my element, I forget everything
else and immerse in that moment.

What really inspired me to take my photography to the next
level was having my three babies. I just loved capturing their precious little
moments. This is where my speciality of family photography came into place.  I just love that when I am photographing
families and children they often express so much love and emotion and just see
the world differently. Being able to capture that is such a great challenge.

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